Hermès is now letting you test out their wallpaper –online

Hermès is not a company that is exactly known for its sense of humor, but the luxury goods provider has launched a service on their website this week that proves that someone there knows that shopping can be fun.

And no, we’re not talking about Birkins; we’re talking about wallpaper!

No doubt, Hermès has beautiful prints, but are you certain that you want them to cover your entire room? A new online tool allows you to cover an entire space with a print to see how it might look on a larger scale. Which is pretty useful so that you don’t spend $10,000 on decorating only to find out that, no, all over tiger wallpaper may not have been the way to go, no matter if you went to Princeton. Try with one print or, like us, go a little wild and use a ton of them.


Now that’s classy.