Strip tennis, farms and kiddie fashion: the best party photos of the week


1) Perhaps the greatest event of the year: Rafael Nadal, who is pretty good at tennis, played strip tennis against Akin Akman, a SoulCycle instructor/model/god-like man who is not so good at tennis. Who won the game? Our eyes.

2) Ariana Rockefeller (yes, that Rockefeller) threw a simple farm-to-table party in a barn with s’mores in Bridgehampton. Just the way mom used to do it!

3) Robert De Niro’s granddaughter strutted down the runway (ok, she hopped) at the Petit Maison Chic fashion show. Awwww.

4) Why eat your food when you can take pretty pictures of it? That’s what Carmelo Anthony thinks. Hence his party for the Wine N Dine app.

5) Young Democrats partied like Donald Trump is the leading Republican nominee.

6) The Hamptons Classic Horse Show happened and there was a party. The gift bags, of course, were Hermès.