Massage and tennis: what rehab looks like in the Hamptons


When Scott Disick heads back to rehab, we have a pretty good recommendation for where he should go. A new piece in Vanity Fair provides a rare glimpse into what happens in a luxury and exclusive rehab clinic in the Hamptons called the Dunes. A stay at the Dunes facility starts at $50,000 per month and can extend up to $75k if you want a bigger room (and who doesn’t?). Though Joe McKinsey, the founder of the Dunes, does maintain that there is financial aid available. Only ten people are treated at a time, and since it opened in 2010, it has treated 300 people.

Honestly, it all sounds pretty glamorous, which explains why people tend to stay there for 72 days on average, as opposed to the typical 28-day programs. There are massage rooms, saunas, tennis lessons, and patients are allowed to use email/the phone so they don’t feel quite so cut off from their normal lives.

The article doesn’t name names of the patients, but it does seem to be a hearty mix. Says one patient, identified only as Steve:

There can be a mix of people where you’ll find someone who’s in big business, famous entertainers, people you see in TV shows, an 18 year-old kid, a housewife, and then there’s also the commercial fisherman, plumber, the cop, all of whose families have been out here for 100 years.

Now if that’s not the makings of a fantastic reality show, we don’t know what is.