Taylor Swift evicted Ian McKellen from Peter Jackson’s Tribeca apartment

Talyor Swift and her squad, Taylor's Tribeca apartment and Ian McKellen
Talyor Swift and her squad, Taylor’s Tribeca apartment and Ian McKellen
The exterior of the apartment

Everyone’s favorite wizard, Ian McKellen, had a pretty sweet deal — living rent-free in director Peter Jackson’s Tribeca apartment. That is, until Taylor Swift came along.

McKellen told the Gay Star News that when Taylor Swift bought the sixth-floor penthouse for $20 million she promptly kicked him out. Can’t say that we blame her, really.

“I was thrown out before I wanted to leave!” McKellen said. “That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift’s team, does it? ”

We bet he didn’t want to go, considering that the seven-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom spread clocks in at 8,300 square feet.

But don’t worry, there isn’t too much bad blood between McKellen and Swift, although he did skip out on her show in L.A. after losing the apartment.

“I had something else to do that night,” McKellen said.