Uber of helicopters eyes major expansion



blade_93436017Now that summer is almost over, it might actually be the ideal time to head to the Hamptons – sans the mob. But without that mob, what shall become of Blade, the so-called “Uber of helicopters?” What will the start-up (with a $25 million valuation) do when no one is paying $600 a person to skip traffic on the LIE?

The answer: diversify. Blade plans to add more locations and service for its elite customer base.

Blade’s investors “didn’t invest in a Hamptons company; they didn’t even invest in a Northeast company,” Rob Wiesenthal, the CEO and founder of Blade told Bloomberg. “We see significant growth opportunities elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad.”

However, as of yet, Blade hasn’t announced anything outside the typical East Coast vacation destinations – the Hamptons, Fire Island, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard.

The company does offer “Blade Anywhere,” but that is a rather deceiving name. Bloomberg writes: Blade Anywhere “allows people to rent entire helicopters or planes and fly, well, anywhere—so long as ‘anywhere’ is a northeast vacation destination such as Fishers Island, Newport, or Cape Cod.”

There are places other than NYC and Cape Cod? We had no idea.