Legionnaire’s disease found at fancy UES school


In this life, perhaps the only thing that really equalizes the rich and the poor is death — and now Legionnaire’s disease.

That’s right, the disease that infected 120 people in the Bronx and killed 12 this summer, has now come to the Upper East Side. And not just any part of the Upper East Side — the Convent of the Sacred Heart School. One of the most expensive schools in the city (tuition costs $44,735 per year), Sacred Heart is famous for its illustrious alumni like Gloria Vanderbilt, Paris Hilton, Caroline Kennedy and — just for kicks — Lady Gaga.

The disease was found lingering in the cooling tower (trying to learn something perhaps?) in the building at 1 East 91st Street, which has since been disinfected. No one was reported sick. The school was reopened to faculty Tuesday morning and will reopen for students next week. That is, if the obsessive parents will dare allow their children to step foot in the school!