Putin dons $3,220 cashmere sweatsuit to exercise

Michelle Obama may be the best dancer in the international political arena, but this week, Vladimir Putin decided that it was time to show the world that he is strong too — if a little fussy about his dress. In a supremely bizarre video (because what other kind of video of Putin is there?) he and the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev leisurely exercise together in Sochi.

Just like the Olympic athletes!

As Quartz noticed, Putin’s outfit in the video is actually a cashmere-silk sweatsuit from Loro Piana that retails for a total of $3,220 (the pants are $1,425 and the jacket is $1,795). It’s exactly what a Russian mobster would wear when partying in the Meatpacking District with a bunch of models.  After the two of them engaged in what looks like fairly light exercise — we’re kind of suspicious that those weights were actually Styrofoam — the two grilled some meat and clinked glasses of tea. How cute.


Loro Piana offers same-day delivery in New York City, so you’re in luck if you want to look extra good at SoulCycle tonight.