Menu from Titanic’s last lunch to sell at auction

Though it might not be possible to ever ride on the Titanic (I’ll never let go, Jack!), you now have the chance to buy a little taste of it: the menu from the last-ever luncheon in the first-class compartment is going up for auction online at Invaluable. It is expected to fetch between $50,000-70,000.



Not only is that obscene because they apparently served Corned Ox Tongue aboard the ship (yuck), but also because the menu is supposedly the property of Abraham Lincoln Salomon, a first-class passenger who survived the sinking by jumping on the “Money Boat” or the lifeboat filled with first-class passengers who did not pick up any swimmers drowning around them, even though there was plenty of room aboard.

If menus are your thing (and you don’t feel a compulsion to take them home with you), then check out the New York Public Library’s fantastic database of them. They don’t seem to have any from the Titanic, but they do from other famous ships like this one from the British liner the Lusitania, which German U-boats sunk in 1915 killing 1,198 people and heavily influencing America’s decision to enter World War I.