Man gets kicked out of US Open party for wearing $600 jeans

To quote the wise words of Countess Luann, “money can’t buy you class.” And it certainly can’t buy you entry into an exclusive tennis party if you have the nerve to wear, gasp, jeans.

That’s what Steve Osman, the hot-shot president and CEO of Metropolitan Pacific Properties found out on Tuesday when he tried to bring his friend into the President’s Suite of Arthur Ashe Stadium. The friend, Luka Cardillo, was wearing $600 grey jeans (for which, as one spy noted, he “overpaid”) and because of the stadium’s stern “no-jeans policy” he wasn’t allowed into the suite and was advised to buy a new pair of pants from the Ralph Lauren shop.

The offending jeans on Luka Castillo (far left).
The offending jeans on Luka Cardillo (far left).

Osman, who hosts an annual US Open Charity benefit told Page Six that he had just donated $25,000 to the City Park Foundation for tennis. When his friend wasn’t allowed in, he then proceeded to yell a lot at the United States Tennis Association President Katrina Adams:

“She cared more about faded jeans than giving money to kids,” sighed Osman, adding he’ll pull support from the event after being asked to leave. “Celebrities come in flip-flops . . . I couldn’t get over her rudeness. I don’t have a problem with the USTA. I have a problem with this woman.”

No surprise, there’s another side to the story. The representative from USTA begged to differ with Osman, saying: “Mr. Osman, according to people at the front desk, became the ‘single rudest person’ they ever dealt with … They were shaken.”

Not only was he a bad person, according to the rep, he was a bad son since his mother was one of his guests, “it would be surprising someone would behave that way in front of his mother.”