Billionaire realizes his house is not as great as he thought it was, cuts price to $149M


Jeff Greene, the billionaire real estate investor who made his money betting against subprime mortgages and thinks we should all live more modestly, has generously decided to slash the price of his monumental home in Beverly Hills from $195 million to a mere $149 million, the New York Post reports.



Back in January, Greene made no apologies for the price he was asking. “When you consider the value of the land and the quality of the construction,” Greene told the New York Times, “$195 million is really quite reasonable.”

Well considering that the home — named Palazzo di Amore —  is basically the size of a small shopping mall/mini-city, he might be right. According to the listing, the property sits on 35 acres and is 53,000 square (the Times piece specifies that the main house is 35,000 square feet). It features a garage with space for 150 cars; a driveway that is 1/4 of a mile long; a discotheque with a laser-light system and revolving floor; a two-lane bowling alley; wine cellar that can fit 10,000 bottles and another that can fit 3,000 (not to mention the vineyard); a theater that seats 50 people; a pool and spa; gardens with olive trees; and a tennis court. The house has 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. 23! That means you can use a different toilet everyday for more than three weeks if you so choose.



Basically, it just seems like Greene crammed in as much as he possibly could into the giant space in the hope that he could get $195 million for it. As he told the Times, “When I spend money on houses, I’m not spending. I’m investing.”