Is that a lobster in my beer?


Move over Bloody Caesars, there is a new alcoholic nectar of the sea washing ashore. As summer prepares to ride off into the sunset, New Yorkers may want to consider the lobster … beer, that is. Wacky Oxbow Brewing Company is banking on people wanting to drink in the seafoody goodness of Saison dell’ Aragasta, its special seasonal concoction. Time Out New York reports the unusual beverage is “made with live Maine lobsters suspended in boiling sweet wort, an infusion of malt and grain.”

“It’s about exactly the right amount we were going for,” Oxbow founder Tim Adams tells the Boston Globe. “There certainly is a salinity from the salt, and the lobster provides a touch of sweetness.”

The $30 bottle is available for the intrepid NYC drinker — no bib required — at five bars throughout the city.

We think we’ll hold out for lobster-infused vodka or the apocalypse — whichever comes first.