Michelle Maccarone, the art dealer who doesn’t sell out


What does it take to run an art gallery these days? According to a new profile of Michele Maccarone (who runs the eponymous gallery space in the West Village) in Bloomberg , you need a lot of locations and a big mouth.

“You have to understand that in the 1990s, art did not sell,” she told Bloomberg. “So a lot of what I did was just talk.”

And now that the art scene is worth an estimated $54 billion, all that talk seems to be paying off for Maccarone, who has opened up a new 50,000-square-foot gallery in Los Angeles. Maccarone seems like someone who actually cares about art and is willing to do what it takes for those artists whom she believes in. In 2000, she hosted a show for the Swiss-born artist Christoph Büchel that involved multiple floors and didn’t sell at all. It now lives in her parents’ basement. “I’ll always cut into profits to do something exciting,” she said. 

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