How to get to the US Open from the Hamptons in 35 minutes

Game day. let’s go. #flyblade @wiesenthal

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Between the Hamptons parties, the US Open, and the Venice Film Festival , there were just too many events happening this weekend that trendy 1%-ers needed to attend. What to do, what to do?

Well if you’re a Hamptonite tennis fan, you were in luck. Blade, the app that allows you to pretend you have a helicopter, offered subscribers a 35-minute trip from East Hampton to the U.S. Open. Or rather, it took you to LaGuardia airport where cars promptly delivered you to the game. “Fly and enjoy either the Day or Night sessions — or both,” Blade wrote in an email to subscribers. “After the matches, you will be driven back to LGA if you book a return flight.”

How much did this service cost? Well at the moment, we haven’t yet heard back from Blade about it and they have nothing posted on the app. Calling the phone number leads you to a full voice message box, which means that if your helicopter is delayed/not there, there is literally no one you can call to complain to about it. And people in the 1% looooove to complain.

As a benchmark, though, a typical 35-minute ride on Blade from the city to the Hamptons (or vice versa) is $595 and a season pass (good for ten flights) is $5,750. So most likely, this trip wasn’t small potatoes.