Finally, a watch for billionaire nerds


Since pretty much the only way to become a billionaire these days is by being a techie, it’s no surprise that the luxury market has finally caught on and is starting to produce items that are, ahem, for the nerdier set.

Hence, this “Star-Wars” themed watch from Devon Timepieces, which has weird details that were inspired by elements of the film, like Darth Vader’s helmet, a fighter wing, and an imperial crest. The watch also comes with limited edition Tie Fighter Cuff links. If there’s such a thing as a woman repeller, then this watch is it.

The price for all this excellence? $28,500. Better make sure your IPO goes well.

And if it’s possible to make nerds want this watch even more, Devon is also making only 500 of them. If you aren’t fast enough (or if $28,500 is slightly outside your budget), then never fear, you can watch the super intense video below about the watch instead.