$100 million Russian palace for sale on Long Island


When Marie Antoinette felt homesick in Versailles, she decided to build herself a mini Austrian village to remind her of all the people she used to oppress back in her own country.

We’re happy to report that the practice of crazy-rich foreigners recreating their lives back in the homeland is still happening. Just take this $100 million estate that just went on the market in King’s Point Long Island. The home used to belong to Soviet Union billionaire Tamir Sapir, who died in 2014. For all his wealth, it seems the only thing Sapir wanted in life was to be a tsar in Russia, and so he built a house that would allow him to live that fantasy.

And yes, that means it may actually be more insane than the Peterhof Grand Palace in St. Petersburg. The 60,000 square-foot house has 13 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms; a ballroom and “several indoor pools” (because one is never enough), including a lazy river that runs through the house; as well as “a hair salon, wine vault and tasting room, indoor racquetball court, gym, saunas, steam rooms, spa treatment rooms and the doll house.” Somehow, we get the feeling that the doll house is larger than most Manhattan apartments. Gems like onyx, lapis, agate and malachite decorate the rooms.








As if that is not enough, there are two other houses with “more indoor pools, a bowling alley, a casino room and a shooting range.” And don’t forget the fountains inspired by those at the Peterhof Palace, the outdoor pool with swim up bars overlooking the Long Island Sound, the private pier where you can park your 200-foot yacht, the tennis court and, in case you are feeling sentimental, Japanese, English and rose gardens. Marie Antoinette couldn’t have planned it better herself.