Harvard students continue to be better than you, hang Picassos on dorm walls


No question, Harvard students have it pretty good. What with the school’s $32 billion endowment (larger than the GDP of Paraguay), they better. Now, the Harvard Crimson, the school’s campus newspaper, reports that in addition to being taught by Nobel Prize winners, the lucky students are able to rent original works of art from the campus museum for their dorm rooms.

And these aren’t just works from unknown artists or your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin who is on a spirit quest. No. These are original prints by Andy Warhol and Picasso that you can rent for a mere $50. That’s the same price as this touching photograph of a cat and his bunny friend on ArtPosters.Com.


Harvard is not the only school to do this program; other elite schools like Williams, MIT and Oberlin do it as well. We’re assuming the rationale is that students at these schools spend so much time studying, there’s no danger that the prints will get beer sloshed on them.

Sure puts that Nirvana poster in your dorm room to shame, huh?