There are 120 Picasso Pieces for sale on Gilt (yes, really)


If you had a chance to check out MoMa’s fantastic Picasso exhibit, which opened yesterday, and had a sudden urge to take one of the lovely pieces home with you, then you’re in luck! No, we aren’t offering classes on how to re-enact the “Thomas Crown Affair” (they already did that), but alerting you to the exciting news that Gilt group, also known as Century 21 on the internet, is now selling 120 Picasso pieces –at a discount!

Well, kind of. They’re not exactly cheap, and no you cannot buy “Les Femmes des Algers” for $179 million. Most of the pieces are lithographs, or copies of original work that were done by the artist (or in this case, by someone else, but Picasso approved of it). They range in price from $169 for a sketch, to $60,000 for the sculpture work, “Visage Aux Cheveux Bouclas” (Face with curly hair).

The sale ends on Friday at noon, so hurry up if you’re interested.