500-bottles of wine on the wall: 4 listings with private wine cellars

It’s not enough just to collect crazy expensive bottles of wine; you also have to have somewhere to put them! For that purpose, we present you with these lovely private wine cellars (i.e. you don’t have to share space with other residents in your building. Ugh.). It’s just like “The Cask of Amontillado,” just you know, without the murder.

By the way, one of our favorite wine storage ideas comes from LLNYC’s recent profile of Jennifer Blumin. With her partner James Ramsey, Blumin built a 300-bottle wine rank out of terra cotta drain pipes (visible behind the whale skeleton and dining room table).

  • Address: 7 East 84th Street

    Price: $29,000,000

    Type/Size: Townhouse; 13,000 square feet; eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms

    Drive Through: This historic townhouse also has a garage and an elevator (it's six-stories, so that's kind of helpful).