Caitlyn Jenner, Paris in Manhattan and gardens: “At home” around the world this week


1) A beautiful Manhattan penthouse for a Chicago-based family that probably uses it twice a year.

2) This Brooklyn girl may have a two-room studio, but she has a garden so she’s luckier than everyone else.

3) A Greenwich Village apartment that looks like Paris. Just more expensive.

4) Caitlyn Jenner continues to remake everything in her life. This time, it’s her Malibu home.

5) San Francisco is slowly, but surely, creeping up toward New York real-estate prices. Inside the $47.5 million house in Marin County that just sold.

6) A teeny, tiny house in Alabama is so pretty you don’t even notice it’s only 150 square feet.

7) No surprise: two Manhattan designers have a nice loft in Tribeca.