Billionaire builds $140M public museum to house his overflowing collection: VIDEO

The Broad Museum

We hate to admit it but now there is another reason to visit Los Angles besides the weather. Billionaire Eli Broad (worth an estimated $7.4 billion) has amassed one the most enviable art collections in the world. And now that Broad and his wife are in their twilight years, they’ve decided to make that collection public.

Typically a collection this important – Warhol, Johns, Sherman, Koons; all the names are there – would be shipped of to the MET or some other gallery of note. But Broad had other ideas for his 2,000-plus piece collection.

The Broad Museum

Fearing that the majority of his collection would be put into storage and never see the light of day, Broad decided to build his own light-filled public art museum in Downtown L.A. The project cost $140 million, and, by the way, it is completely free. Now that’s what we call philanthropy!

The museum opens to the public next week and Bloomberg has a first look below: