Chase your white whale in the Uber for yachts


Have you ever been on vacation and thought, what could make this vacation better? The answer is, obviously, a boat. And now, thanks to a nifty new company, Nowboat, you can get yourself on that boat! The next time you want to go yachting, just search the destination of your dreams and pick an activity there (snorkeling? gastronomy?), and Nowboat connects you with professional boating companies that will make that happen for you. The trips are all over the world, including this one that goes to New York Bay for just $57. We aren’t sure how long that trip lasts. No surprise, a lot of the priciest trips are in Southeast Asia. You can rent this yacht in Hong Kong for $9,677 for an eight-hour trip or this one for $5,665 for a three-hour trip in Singapore. 



But by far the most expensive boat to rent on the site right now is the M/Y Galapagos Passion, which accommodates 14 passengers and costs $125,000 for a week.  What do you get for that exorbitant sum? Well in addition to the tour, every person on board has a personal staff member assigned to them (we request that ours look like Jimmy from Downton Abbey). Onboard you can chow down on “gourmet cuisine of international standards,” kick back on the sun decks, luxuriate in the Jacuzzi, and pop bottles in the sky lounge and bar.

Not too shabby, but we still think the most exciting part of that trip has got to be the Galapagos tortoises!