Weather watch: Going to Madrid


In this week’s installment of the best weather happening in the world right now, we travel to the capital of Spain, Madrid. No rain is falling on any planes there right now, just take a look at this beauty of a weather report:


How to get there: There are direct flights to Madrid from JFK.

Where to stay: The Hotel Villa Magna is a five-star hotel where the best of the best (which obviously means you) always stay. Services the hotel offers include a private chauffeur picking you up from the airport in a Mercedes, personal trainers on site at the gym, a spa and a huge number of boutiques located conveniently inside the hotel. The main message the hotel’s website repeatedly tries to impart is that you should ask for Manuel, the concierge. He must be good!


What to eat: Diver XO is the only restaurant in the city with three Michelin Stars. Though there is no set menu, the restaurant promises to deliver “Unique cuisine marked by intense sensations and raw creativity.” Nice. Unless you’re the pope, though, it might be hard to get a reservation at Diver XO so last minute (if at all). If that doesn’t work, you can try La Terraza del Casino. Yes, it only has two Michelin stars, but Ferran Adrià (former head chef of El Bulli and overall culinary god in Spain) is an adviser for it. It’s also located within the casino and is super, super beautiful.


What to do: Madrid is a city of three million inhabitants, so there’s no shortage of sites to see or things to do. Take in some Flamenco at Casa Patas, walk along the Paseo de la Castellana, or go see a bull fight at Las Ventas Bullring.