Inside a distinctive Dakota apartment on sale for $17.5M


It is said to sell an apartment, one should make it as neutral as possible — returning walls to white and decluttering — so potential owners can best visualize themselves in it. All that went out the floor-to-ceiling-windows of this mad-for-mod-pad, which just hit the market and appears to have been renovated to look like an Austin Powers set.

Still, it seems fitting for this over-the-top decor to be housed in such a talked about building. Set in the iconic and historically rich Dakota (think: Rosemary’s Baby, John Lennon and Vanilla Sky), this four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom apartment boasts 12-foot ceilings, an office, laundry area, library, expansive city views and a $17.5 million price tag. What’s even literally hotter? It also boasts seven fireplaces! However, we’re not totally sure about its vertigo-inducing pattern clashes and twee styling.

Moreover, it’s a bit of a contradiction, since, even with its colorful splashes and whimsy, the unit has retained a lot of historic charm. 6sqft explains, “The master bedroom is also playing with modern design, although its still got its moldings, dark wood door frame and the wood floors.”

And maybe most noteworthy is a closet to house your cool duds that is big enough to rival most NYC studio apartments.











  • Oouch

    Need Dramamine – It looks like Austin Powers’ tie rack. Those square sinks, if used, wind up looking funky in the corners. Those island hoods in the kitchen look nice but don’t really work if smoke is being generated by the chef.

  • RSG

    The bones of this apartment are undeniably magnificent. The kitchen cabinetry is splendid. Every other aesthetic mistake can be fixed with money. After all, if you have the $17M to buy this, you have another $1M to fix it.

  • finley

    what were they thinking ?!?!?!?!?

  • Limelight Electric Limo

    uggghhhh or yuck.