Breaking: Someone paid $20 million to live in Idaho

If Ron Swanson has a dream, it would probably be to own the Big Wood River Estate, which just sold through Concierge Auctions for an estimated $20 million, making it the most expensive property to ever sell at auction (the actual price is undisclosed).

Basically, the house, which sits on a whopping 71 acres, is about as private and cut-off from all civilization as you can possibly get. It’s also freaking huge; the houses (there are three of them; a main house, a guest house and a gate house for your aunt you can’t stand) have eleven bedrooms and ten and a half bathrooms. Still, the main attraction of the property is probably all the outdoorsy stuff you can do there. It’s located at the foot of Bald Mountain (read: hiking and mountain biking), is only half a mile from Sun Valley ski resort and is on the Big Wood River (read: fishing). So not only do you have to have $20 million to live in this place, you have to be fit too. Sounds like a lot of effort to us.

Big Wood River Estate — from Concierge Auctions