NYC to London in a flash: the iconic Concorde (may) fly again


For those with, ahem, a good amount of disposable income, giving to charities can be a great way to support causes that are important to you and make the world a better place. Members of the Club Concorde have a –slightly– less noble, but incredibly cool, cause: to “keep Concorde in people’s hearts and minds.” And yes, by the Concorde, we do mean the super-fast, super luxurious plane that chauffeured the rich around the world at twice the speed we poor mortals are able to travel. Think NYC to London in just four hours.

The plane went out of commission in 2003, but now, there is a plan afoot to bring it back. According to The Telegraph, the Club has access to £120 million of a “reserve fund,” that they are going  to try to achieve the impossible dream.  But don’t worry; the president of the group, Paul James (who once chartered the plane for a day trip to the pyramids that cost in £780 in 1982; approximately $3,613.46 in today’s money) wants to do important work like take groups to the Grand Prix in Monaco.

The Club is hoping to have the plane back in business by 2019. But if you still can’t afford it, then you can take the less expensive route of visiting the plane, which will go on display in London in 2017; it will cost £16-a-head.