Space tourism just got a whole lot more fun with this new whiskey glass


Apparently, when James Parr, founder of the Open Space Agency, watched Gravity, he thought the same thing that we did: boy, Sandra Bullock must need a drink after that!

Hence, this new whiskey glass from Ballantine’s whiskey and the Open Space Agency. It’s designed to let you drink whiskey in space comfortably, thus fulfilling a dream you didn’t even know you had. There were a surprising amount of challenges involved in this process, as whiskey (like any liquid) does not behave in space the way it does down here. But if space tourism really does take off (pun intended) the way Elon Musk wants it to, then drinking whiskey is going to be the first thing we demand when we reach our quarters, which may not even have a regular toilet. “It won’t be the Ritz,” Parr told Town & Country, “However, it will have a much better view.”



Of course, while this glass is new, sending whiskey to space is not. Ardbeg whiskey sent a couple of barrels to the International Space Station in 2011, where it swooped around the world for  three years, and the Japanese label Suntory, which was named the best whiskey of the year last year, just sent six samples there in July of this year. Sadly, you won’t be able to drink the whisky when it returns though.