Russian billionaire buys $400 million yacht


In New York, we all like to act surprised when someone buys a $100 million apartment (though that’s starting to become old news). Well today, the Daily Mail reported that Russian billionaire, Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, paid an incredible £260 million (about $400 million) for his super-yacht.

At 468 feet in length, the boat is the largest private ship in the world. Its masts tower over the boat at 300 feet in height (roughly the same height as the Statue of Liberty), and the boat has eight decks, including an observation pod on the bottom of the boat so Melnichenko can watch the fish below swimming for their lives in terror.

He supposedly gave the boat the name “A” so that it would be listed first on shipping rosters. Because it’s no fun just to know you’re #1, you have to be #1. Now let’s just hope it doesn’t hit any icebergs.