In honor of the pope’s visit to NYC: An $8M Bible

A page from the rare Bible Pope Francis will present this week
British calligrapher Donald Jackson

Pope Francis is settling into the townhouse at 20 East 72nd Street tomorrow — creating a security nightmare for locals.

But the pontiff is also giving back: He will present a rare Bible that cost an estimated $8 million to produce to House Speaker John Boehner and the Library of Congress, according to NBC News.

The rare seven volume, 1,150-page Bible is the first handwritten and illuminated copy created since the invention of the printing press. It is one of 12 such sets originally commissioned by a Minnesota Benedictine abbey. It illustrated by British calligrapher Donald Jackson.

On receiving the bible Pope Francis “lifted his hands with a smile on his face in a gesture of joy and appreciation. It was wonderful,” Rev. John Klassen, abbot of St. John’s Abbey, said according to NBC.

Here is a look at the pope’s U.S. itinerary: