Billionaire tears down Hamptons mansion to spite other billionaire

David Tepper (left) and Jon Corzine.

If there’s one thing billionaires hate, it’s when other billionaires get in their way.

That’s what Jon Corzine, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and governor of New Jersey, is finding out now. He refused to promote his employee, David Tepper, to partner when he was at Goldman, and now Tepper is getting revenge, according to the Daily Mail.

Tepper went on to become a billionaire in his own right, founding the hedge fund Appaloosa. Then in 2010, he decided to buy Corzine’s former mansion in Sagaponack, Long Island from — you guessed it — the governor’s ex-wife for $43.5 million. He tore the massive thing down and now has completed construction on an even larger, grander and fancier home with a pool and tennis court on site and, of course, a killer view, according to the Daily Mail.. Take that.


Among his many fine moments, Corzine is perhaps most famous for losing $1.6 billion when he was CEO of the financial firm MF Global Inc. When he was asked in a hearing what happened, he came back with the classic line “I simply do not know where the money is,” according to the Daily Mail.

Given that, he isn’t exactly someone we feel too much sympathy for right now.