Pink diamond expected to fetch $28 million at auction


Just a week after we reported that Sotheby’s was auctioning off a blue diamond for a record $35 million (or more!), we are excited to announce that Christie’s is offering up some stiff competition: a pink diamond, which is estimated to fetch $23-28 million. Yes, the blue diamond is worth more than the pink; we’re just going to ignore the gender implications here.

The pink jewel, which is a 16.08-carat stone, is set to go to auction in Geneva on November 10th as part of Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale. The stone is the largest cushion-shaped Fancy Vivid Pink diamond that has ever been up for auction. It is set in a ring, surrounded by small circular-cut white diamonds in platinum.

According to Christie’s, diamonds “of a distinct pink hue are the most sought after among gem connoisseurs” and since this one “shows no trace of secondary colour,” it is “both attractive and exceptionally rare.” In the history of auctions, only three such diamonds have ever gone on sale. The world record price for a pink diamond right now was set in 2009, when a 5 carat pink diamond sold for $2 million/carat.

If you want to check it out, the diamond is going on tour and will be available to see in New York from October 16-19th.