Otello, Gucci and Global Citizen: a look at the best party photos of the week


1) Celebs celebrated the good news that Otello at the Met no longer wears black-face at the opening gala.

2) Ain’t no party like a Frick party: everyone and everything looks like a piece of art.

3) Everyone who is important (literally, Michelle Obama was there) came to the Global Citizen Festival to try to raise money to achieve the small goal of ending poverty by 2030. Leo even shaved.

4) Dancers from the Paris Ballet lived out our fantasies and danced around the Park Avenue Armory.

5) Riccardo Tisci can’t stop having parties, but it’s ok because everyone wants to go to them.

6) No surprise: summer’s over. Cointreau had a party.

7) Gucci had an awesome show thanks to Alessandro Michele and so of course there was a party to celebrate that.