UES heiress remembers the little people in her will


There are heiresses who leave all their money to their dogs, and there are others, like Kaaren Parker Gray, who leave it to the people who really help them in their lives. According to The Daily News, Gray was the daughter of businessman Jack Parker, a vice president of General Electric and later director of Pan Am and the Smithsonian Institute, who lived on the Upper East Side and died of a heart attack on August 24th. Her last will, which she personally scribbled and was unwitnessed, left about $3 million in gifts to various people and institutions. Those gifts included $50,000 to the nail technician who she saw twice a week for the past twelve years,  “I feel good that she remembered me like that — not about the money,” Kim told the Daily News through a Korean translator.

Many of the people she left money to in her will were mentioned by their first names only, like her stylist Elie Camaro at Frederic Fekkai on Fifth Ave. “Forever grateful for his friendship, and perfect hair. $50,000 toward a fabulous car!” (no word on whether the car thing is binding) and another $50,000 to “my favorite coat check woman at Fekkai;” an unnamed doorman got another $50,000 and her housekeeper received $10,000 (maybe she wasn’t that good).

And don’t worry, this isn’t an Agatha Christie situation. Gray died of natural causes and her three stepchildren were also remembered in the will.