Presenting the most expensive hotel in NYC — and the world


For any Manhattanites looking for a suite staycation, we have some welcome news for you. The Mark Hotel is about to open up its penthouse and not only is it freaking lovely, it’s also, at $75,000 per night, the most expensive hotel room in the city — and the world.

That’s right, it beats even the the Royal Penthouse Suite in the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland which previously had that honor at $60k per night. So what do you get for this completely absurd and probably unjustified price? According the Telegraph, you get to chill in 12,000 square feet on two floors, (the place has three elevators in case you get lost), order up room service prepared by chef Jean Georges Vongerichten, who oversees The Mark’s ground-floor restaurant, and enjoy the view from the 2,400 sq ft rooftop terrace.

And if there’s anything else you could possibly want in life — a suit from Bergdorf Goodman’s at midnight, a personal trainer in a private gym the hotel can install for you or a luxury car of your choice — it can be provided for you. (The only stipulation is that whatever you ask for has to be legal. No fun).

While we don’t anticipate anyone spending more than a month (or two) in the penthouse, if you did decide to stay a full year, a little math shows that would cost you an incredible $27,375,000. That seems completely outrageous considering the suite has been on sale for $60 million since 2008. Let’s hope whatever billionaire stays here can’t do multiplication.

(Note: All images are from the original StreetEasy Listing; we assume the suite is now furnished).