A Norwegian glacier in glass


A scheme to sell ice cubes from a melting Norwegian glacier has, unsurprisingly, attracted a whole lot of negative attention from environmental groups, according to NRK, Norway’s state broadcast company.

“To me, this is an example of the world’s complete insanity, Nina Jensen, Secretary General of WWF in Norway,” told NRK. “I can’t imagine how it can be sustainable to carve out ice using helicopters and then fly it around the world.”

Yeah, that sounds precisely correct. But the company who wants to do this, SVAICE, claims it’s all #worthit for the experience of drinking ancient ice that will probably melt slower than regular ice. And the glacier is “disappearing anyway” so what’s the harm of them making a little money off of it? On their website, they provide this extremely cogent defense of their business plan:

“If you thought you knew what an icecube could do for you, think again! SVAICE is creating a fantastic experience for those who are lucky enough to find it. Our product is 100 per cent natural, more than a thousand years old and very luxurious. We guarantee goosebumps and a memorable moment for those who can find it. This concept is creating value far beyond any expectation, whether you are a restaurant chef, a CEO or a trusted partaker in this experience. Get ready!” 

Oh boy are we ready. Also, we feel a duty to point out how ironic that this is a European scheme, considering Europeans don’t put ice in anything.

Here’s a video about it, in case you really want the full experience.