New luxury watch offers its wearers data security


Ever wonder if all the transactions/data you transmit from your smart phone is in any way secure? Well according to our favorite Tweeter, Edward Snowden, it certainly is not and for many in the wealthier class, that lack-of-security can be nerve-wracking.

If you have a paranoid businessman in your life, we present to you the Bulgari Vault. Bulgari teamed up with the Swiss security company WISeKey SA to concoct the app, which stores all of your data in a military bunker in Switzerland. When you want to access it, you hold your watch (the Bulgari Diagno Magnesium) up to the app, and near field communication, or NFC technology unlocks it. Here’s a video of the watch in action:

It’s all very James Bond. The only flaw we can see with this brilliant plan is that thieves tend to steal people’s watches and their phones together. So they would basically have all the keys they need to break into your top-secret data storage. Maybe you can keep the self-destruct button elsewhere?