Weather watch: Going to Osaka


Thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, the weather in New York this week is pretty terrible. But if you’re looking for a (not-so-quick) escape, we recommend going to Osaka, Japan. The second-largest city in Japan, Osaka has attracted foreigners for a long time due to its bustling economy and variety of attractions. Take a look at this fabulous weather report.


How to get there: There are no direct flights to Osaka from JFK, but you can fly to Seoul or Beijing to transfer.

Where to stay: No surprise, but the St. Regis in Osaka looks like everything we ever dreamed about in life. When you arrive, you are greeted by your St. Regis butler, who is ready to attend to any wish you could have (and if you aren’t in the hotel when you have that wish, you can email your butler). The hotel has a spa, private rooftop gardens, and an exercise room. Not to mention four restaurants and bars.








What to eat: Japanese food isn’t only supposed to taste incredible, it’s also supposed to be stunningly beautiful. On both fronts, Kashiwaya in Osaka wins big. One of four three-Michelin star restaurants in the city, it serves “classical dishes with an added twist.” Best of all, the restaurant works to make you feel like you are right at home. Hence, their promise that “While we are very much a traditional Japanese restaurant, we are by no means unapproachable, and we strive to offer our guests a relaxing dining experience with cuisine that satisfies both the body and the soul.”



What to do: One of the most famous (and popular) tourist attractions in Japan, the spectacular Osaka Castle played an important role in Japanese history, which you can learn about at the museum inside the castle. If you can wait until April, the castle is a popular spot to visit during the cherry blossom festival.  You can also go shopping on the Midosuji Boulevard or check out the Municipal Museum of Fine Art and the Osaka Museum of History.