Leo DiCaprio scores Walton Ford painting “Pacific Theater” at a NYC charity auction


You know how sometimes you and your friend decide to split an entree at dinner or go halfsies on a cab when it rains? Well, stars, they are just like us! At a recent charity auction at the Bowery Hotel benefiting endangered turtles (!), The New York Post reports that everyman Leonardo DiCaprio split the $250,000 price tag of a painting he won there with a friend.

DiCaprio sauntered into the celeb-studded event — Ted Danson, Richard Branson, Patti Smith, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, and Robert Kennedy Jr. were also in attendance — wearing a newsboy cap and smoking a vaporizer, just like you would, and set about bidding on a piece by artist Walton Ford, “Pacific Theater.” The huge watercolor is said to be valued at $500,000 and ended up being the priciest bid of the night. Just like any of us who squeal at getting a great bargain, the Hollywood actor and art collector who already owns two of Walton Ford’s pieces, appeared happily shocked he was the sole bidder, when auctioneer Fisher Stevens announced, “Sold to the man in the cap.”


Because sharing is caring, he split the price with Christie’s SVP Loic Gouzer, who has advised DiCaprio on art purchases in the past and who had recommended he bid on the Ford.

“They decided to go in on it together,” an unnamed observer said. “It remains to be seen who will get to keep the piece of art.”