Luxury Listings NYC

The 9 best new properties on the market this week

Think you’ve seen everything that’s out there to buy? Thankfully in New York there’s always more beautiful apartments to drool over/buy (if you’re lucky). Take a look at these lovely properties that just hit the market.

  • Address: 243 East 17th Street

    Price: $15,000,000

    Type/Size: Townhouse; 6,494 square feet; five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms

    This spectacular home is currently configured as a three-unit space, but can easily be converted into a one-family home.

  • Address: 140 Franklin Street #PHA

    Price: $19,950,000

    Type/Size: Condo; 5,019 square feet; three bedrooms and three bathrooms

    The apartment was the original home of the developer who converted the building and is available for the first time since the conversion.

  • Address: 969 Fifth Avenue 11/12FL

    Price: $20,000,000

    Type/Size: Co-op; four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms

    The apartment features heated floors.

  • Address: 27 East 11th Street

    Price: $33,875,000

    Type/Size: Townhouse; 9,000 square feet; seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms

    The home features the Savant smart home system, which allows you to control the temperature, lighting, security, intercom, audio/visual and window shades from an iPad.

  • Address: 252 Seventh Avenue #8H9H

    Price: $7,950,000

    Type/Size: Condo; 3,204 square feet; three bedrooms and three bathrooms

    The kitchen is designed for a professional chef and features two dishwashers.

  • Address: 911 Park Avenue #2A

    Price: $8,500,000

    Type/Size: Co-op; three bedrooms and four bathrooms

    The rooms were re-structured to make them bigger; ten rooms turned into nine.

  • Address: 139 West 19th Street #PH8E

    Price: $3,895,000

    Type/Size: Co-op; two-bedrooms and two-bathrooms

    The apartment was once featured on the cover of Elle Decor magazine.

  • Address: 882 Carroll Street

    Price: $4,999,000

    Type/Size: Townhouse; 4,733 square feet; six bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms

    The house was remodeled and all appliances are new; it is set up as a two-family home now but can be converted back into a one-family.

  • Address: 130 West 30th Street #14C

    Price: $3,250,000

    Type/Size: Condo; 1,905 square feet; three bedrooms and three bathrooms

    The Cass Gilbert building is named for the architect of the building who also designed the Woolworth Building.