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Just what you always wanted: Insane French Bubble Palace on sale for $455 million

For all those who wonder if the trend of insanely expensive houses is a bubble, we have just the house to prove it to you.

Located on the Côte d’Azur, Le Palais Bulles was owned by the fashion designer Pierre Cardin and is a bizarre testament to what happens when you have a bit too much creativity and way too much money. True to its name, which literally means Bubble Palace, the home was designed by Antti Lovag who wanted to make it feel like a pre-historic cave. We think he watched too many episodes of “The Flintstones.”

Though the listing notes that the price is only available “sur demande,” Forbes apparently a demandé the price and discovered that it is going for an insane $455 million. If it sells, it will become the second most expensive home in the world (nothing beats Antilia, the $1 billion home in Mumbai).

Palais Bulles has 13,000 square feet of living space (and is about 75,000 square feet in total), 29 rooms (and 15 bedrooms), and features an amphitheater that faces the sea and can seat 500 people and a spectacular pool. No wonder it was the site of so many events, like a James Bond party and Dior’s Croisière 2016 collection fashion show.