Luxury Listings NYC

It’s a wrap: this week’s celebrity home swaps

1) Nets player Thaddeus Young bought a $5.4 million condo in One Brooklyn Bridge Park at 360 Furman Street in Brooklyn Heights–aka the building where owners were allowing their pets to go potty in the hallways.

2) Angelina Jolie’s childhood home upstate is for sale for $2 million; Brad Pitt is not included.

3) Add a little magic to your life; rent Daniel Radcliffe’s Soho apartment for $19,000 a month.

4) Simon Hobbs — also known as the news anchor who accidentally outed Tim Cook during an interview (whoops) — is selling his West Village apartment for $3.9 million.

5) Jason Reitman, director of “Up in the Air” is now up in the air about where he’s going to live; he sold his Chelsea apartment for $3 million.

6) Bobby Flay is selling his apartment in the Chelsea Mercantile for $8 million. Yes, it has a nice kitchen.