Sant Ambroeus moves into Sotheby’s

Sant Ambroeus' location on Park Avenue (right) and the Terrace Cafe in Sotheby's.
Sant Ambroeus’ location on Park Avenue (left) and the Terrace Cafe in Sotheby’s.

SANT-AMBROEUS-12What’s the one thing everyone needs after dropping multiple millions on a piece of art? $7.00 cappuccinos, of course!

DNA Info reports that Sotheby’s Terrace Cafe, which is surprisingly affordable at the moment, will be replaced by the significantly less affordable Sant Ambroeus. The space is located at the top of Sotheby’s building on York Avenue, and includes a 2,500 square-foot wrap-around terrace.

Sant Ambroeus, the upscale Italian eatery, currently has locations on the Upper East Side, Soho, the West Village, and the Hamptons. Go there to see society ladies pecking at their croissants after their Barre Method class.

Though the renovation plans aren’t definite yet (they need a liquor license, obviously), we suggest you visit the existing Terrace Cafe as soon as you can before it closes. It’s one of the few places left in the city where you can enjoy a spectacular view for a fairly reasonable price. RIP.