Beyoncé and Jay Z are renting “The Big Lebowski” house for $150k a month


If Jay Z and Beyoncé are American royalty, then we have a new Buckingham Palace.

The couple, who together are worth an estimated $800 million (Beyonce is worth $250 million and Jay Z is worth $550 million), has decided to rent a crazy large mansion in LA for $150,000 a month, where they can raise the heiress to their empire, Blue Ivy. The home also happens to be the place where they filmed part of “The Big Lebowski,” so even nerds who (pretend) not to care about Jay and Bey can geek out over this.




TMZ, which first reported the deal, notes that the house used to belong to ex-L.A. Dodgers owner, Frank McCourt, who sold it to a “British billionaire” last year for $45 million. That mystery man apparently doesn’t use the house and so he’s kindly agreed to rent it out to the famous pair. They had been renting a different place in the same neighborhood, but were kicked out when the owner decided to sell it.

The house has five bedrooms (so space for any other lucky duck children they decide to have), six bathrooms, an Olympic-size pool with a spa, a dance studio, atrium and a library/screening room.








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