Millionaire dating site now allows you to post photos to prove you are rich



Ever stare longingly at an Hermès bag or a yacht and wish you could date it?

Well now, you can! Millionaire Match, a dating website for the “wealthy & attractive,” has launched a new feature, Luxury Show, on their app that lets prospective suitors put their money where their Rolex is. Instead of only relying on photos of yourself (because who cares about that?), the app allows  you to upload photos of your most expensive items to prove to prospective mates that you are, in fact, really rich. It’s love at first sight — of his yacht.

John Martinuk, one of the support managers for Successful Match, which owns Millionaire Match, told LLNYC that the new feature allows clients to “show off” their wealth. “It’s a way for them to back up what they say about themselves and it paints that picture of success. When you see a yacht or a mansion, you know this person really has their stuff together.” 

According to a press release, Millionaire Match came up with the idea after doing some research that showed “users were more interested in seeing images of luxury items than tigers, a popular Tinder search item.” We didn’t know that Tinder had a search function, but we don’t see why tigers and luxury items need to be mutually exclusive: if you have a photo of yourself petting a tiger while cruising on your yacht, you definitely need to post it.

Unlike similar dating websites where most of the users are either wealthy men or foxy ladies, Millionaire Match claims “we are a true millionaires club” meaning that the clientele consists of men and women who are equally wealthy. On Luxury Show, Martinuk notes that men tend to post photos  of their yachts and cars, while women are more likely to post photos of their jewelry and handbags.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from snapping a photo of your neighbor’s Lamborghini and Martinuk admits, “we don’t really have a way to verify if [a photo] is legitimate or not” unless people take photos of themselves “standing on the front steps of their mansion.”  Uh-oh.

For now, the site is just going to rely on the goodwill of the obviously good people on Luxury Show, who according to Martinuk include everyone from “models to plumbers.” The one thing that binds them together is they are just looking for “someone who isn’t lying about themselves.” Because there’s nothing worse than thinking you’re dating a millionaire, only to find out that he’s just another joe-schmo.