Truffles are in short supply: Everybody breathe


Only faced with a crisis, do we learn how strong we really are.

Now is one of those times. The New York Post reports that due to a dry summer in Italy, white truffles are in short supply this season, meaning every high-end restaurant in New York is scrambling to figure out how else to justify charging $12 for potato chips. In the words of Thomas Paine, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

As often happens in hard times, some are turning to fraud to make it through: “You need to buy only from people you trust, because some others are trying to mix in Chinese truffles or add truffle scent to the batch to make them smell better,” restauranteur Enrico Proietti told the Post. The horror!

Perhaps this shortage will raise the price of truffles so much one will sell for more than last year’s record sale of this monster for $61,000. We can only hope.