Defeat all your enemies: Own George Patton’s watch


If your approach to life can be summed up by the quote, “Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more,” then you probably need some friends. But also, boy do we have the auction for you.

A watch owned by George Patton, the American general who helped the Allies win World War II and was the subject of the biopic “Patton,” is set to sell at auction on October 29 through Heritage Auctions. Patton carried the Patek Philippe watch with him into battle during World War I and then stored it in his house in North Boston, where it remained for 80 years until it was sold to the current owner.

The watch was a gift to Patton from his parents upon his graduation from West Point Academy, and he wrote in his diary “It was a stop watch repeater priced at $600.00 but we got if for $350.00 because it was thicker than the then style. I carried it in Mexico and France, it keeps perfect time and is a great watch.” Inflation sure is rough; right now, the watch is going for $44,000. A revolver owned by Patton sold in June at auction for $75,000.