Jean-Georges treats celebrity pups to 5-star kibble


 Three-star Michelin-chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is known for his award-winning French restaurants. But in a recent video for Bon Appétit, the no-nonsense chef prepared the ultimate doggy dinner for two very lucky puppies. One of those pups is “Marnie The Dog” — the 12-year-old Shih Tzu with a adorably deformed face and 1.8 million Instagram followers.


But more interesting still, the video claims that Vongerichten began his career preparing food for dogs in France! Who knew?


First course: Roast bone marrow with salmon roe and brioche croutons


Second course: Orecchiette and meatballs with fresh ricotta


Third course: Peanut butter ice cream sundae


This might be the first time you’ve ever drooled over dog food.