Take a look at the most expensive apartment in Dubai


The most expensive apartment for sale in Dubai is asking the grand price of $54 million, and no surprise, it’s pretty lavish.

The penthouse at One at the Palm Jumeirah is a seven-bedroom apartment that has 20,000 square feet inside (and another 20,000 square feet outside), a private dock for your yachts, a helipad, an outdoor spa, three infinity pools and 12 parking spaces. According to the architect, Michel Abboud, his task was simple: “design and build the most expensive, the most luxurious, the most top of the line residential experience that you could possibly build.”


When you compare it to what you can get in New York for a comparable price, this is actually not a bad deal. A similarly priced apartment in 15 Central Park West (it’s a million more, but that’s chump change at these price levels) is 6,000 square feet with only five bedrooms.