Larry Gagosian sells his Upper East Side carriage house for $18 million


Famed seller of artworks, Larry Gagosian, has just sold his Upper East Side carriage house at 147 East 69th Street for $18 million to Sascha Bauer, the board chairman of SculptureCenter, the Observer reports.

The three-story dwelling was the first of the many carriage houses to be built on the block in 1880. The banker Heber Bishop wanted a place to store his horses that was not too far from his Fifth Avenue mansion, but far enough that he didn’t have to smell it. The carriage house was later remodeled into a garage in 1912 when horses went out of fashion. And then many years after that, into a home for the multi-millionaire art dealer, who reportedly used it to store part of his famed art collection with works by Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Roy Lichtenstein.

Sadly, the house was sold off-market, so there aren’t any fabulous interior photos to stare at googily-eyed. But this sale is just small potatoes for Gagosian, who purchased the nearby Harkness Mansion in 2011 for $36.5 million from J. Christopher Flowers and has been renovating it like mad ever since. Flowers paid $53 million for the place in 2006 (which, at the time, was the most expensive property ever sold in the city. Ah, the good old days) and lost $16.5 million when he sold it to Gagosian. No one has seen the interior of this home either, which leaves us to imagine it’s some type of wonderland filled with Jeff Koons balloon animals. And a rooftop pool.