Heiresses, Kylie Jenner and New Jersey: “At home” around the world this week

Elizabeth Taylor's bedroom.
Elizabeth Taylor’s bedroom.

1) Elle Decor featured photos of Selena Gomez’ LA home; sadly, there aren’t any I <3 Justin posters anywhere.

2) Kylie Jenner shows off her Chanel bathing suit in a tour of her home that she posted on her app.

3) Architectural Digest featured a mansion that’s so grand you’ll forget it’s in New Jersey.

4) The actress Tovah Feldshuh has killer park views on the Upper West Side but it was the tiles in the fireplace that sold her on the apartment.

5) The Daily News got its hands on some photos of a totally empty mansion that is owned by one of the world’s richest women, Lily Safra. It’s very big.

6) Ok, so these photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s home are from 2011, but they’re pretty wonderful. Yes, there are a lot of diamonds (and even a cat!).