A new tower in Dubai is going to have an artificial rainforest


While Dubai is typically not known for being environmentally friendly (see: refrigerated sand on the beaches), apparently the city does have a plan in case all natural things in the world get destroyed: sky rainforests.

New twin super towers in Dubai, the Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences, will feature “an artificial beach with a rainforest like landscape development.” It’s just like the real rainforest, just with no tigers that could eat you.

In addition to those necessities, the enormous space is set on 47 floors and will feature 450 hotel rooms, a sky lobby, a sky pool, fine dining restaurants, a health club,  residential amenities. According to ZAS Group, which is designing the space along with Kieferle & Partner, “the architecture of the building will represent today.”

We aren’t sure exactly what “today” they are referring to (because we don’t know of any other buildings that have “rainforest like” landscaping), but we’re a little bit afraid to find out.